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I believe it's a clearer view of what it is I do...


Shooting the goods

Here's a quick snap of the endless fiddling that had to be done before the photoshoot.. Fiddle fiddle.

New Designers

Here's my work on our stand at New Designers 2011, proud moment!
I made my first real sales during this week and some great contacts too, a real confidence booster all in all. EEE!

Degree Show

Behold my degree show! Minus the illustration/workbook I later added but not to worry, that will be coming along to New Designers NEXT WEEK!

Whittle's going to New Designers!!!

Found out today. Am I pleased? YEEESSSSS!!!!
So, keep an eye out for Nottingham Trent University's Decorative Arts stand!

It's Shit or Bust.

Leathery goodness

Alas the wallets have arrived!!!  Though there's still more to come... I just need to get making!

Online brochure!

Catch a glimpse of my page (and unfortunately my face) from the Decorative Arts 2011 degree show website!

The Real Deal

Here's a few shots from Friday's photoshoot with Jason K! There's more to come but where's the fun in showing everything at once?!.....

Brochure image

New things!!

Here's a few things I've been upto recently...

New blog!

I've FINALLY set up a blog for designwork.. It'll soon be thriving! Check it out at
Or just click on 'Design' under Whittle's Other Whittley Things

Business and postcard ideas..

Front of business card
 Back of business card

Front of postcard
Back of postcard

Morning all..

At present I'm writing a rather delightful business plan so things are a little slow on the blogging front. 
But hang in there folks. Give me a few days or so and I'll be on it like a car bonnet, so to speak! MW x

Popping the ole post virginity!

This is one of my personal favourites!