// cards // fresh from the press //

I was so excited to pick these up yesterday! Just in time for this Sunday's Craft Fair at The Old Fire Station in Oxford (2nd December, 10am - 5pm)
The top one on the pile aka Trippy Winehouse, I only had one print as the print itself cover the back and front of the card. The print lady was kind enough to only print one to see how you guys, the public, would react to it. 
The other 5 I currently have 12 of each, so let the sales commence. KERPOW!

// river of flowers // pollinator postcards //

I designed these postcards for River of Flowers, the organisation I am currently interning for. Some have bees on and some don't, it was just an idea I threw in. Nothing is concrete just yet.
Thought i'd give you jive turkeys a wee glimpse, I think I'm allowed to show you? Perhaps I should find out!
Kathryn, the lady behind this wonderful movement is most lovely and inspiring. It's been a great pleasure to create such works for her and the organisation.

Who are RoF I hear you say? Let me tell you..
River of Flowers are a non-profit organisation focused on creating urban meadows across London and beyond. They also love all things creative and pretty. Check them out! Cheeky mugshot avec moi on this page bwaha..

// comic strip #1 // you're a dick //

It's here! It's done!
Inspired by life, I am.
The content itself is not a dig as such, it's a reworked instance. I just find drawing these things incredibly theraputic.
I seem to be obsessed by comics as of recent, and after doing Roy Lichtenstein's Crying Woman for Halloween it seems I'm on it like a car bonnet.
Enjoy folks!